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Hemet Tree Service saves weak trees

Tree trimming and topping can save you money

If you trim branches properly, they will return thicker and stronger. That means trees will live longer and provide even more shade and beauty for your home and property. Adding shade cuts your air conditioning bills by blocking the sun's rays.

If you have a tree that appears to be leaning and might have become weak, call Hemet Tree Service ASAP! We'll do what is known as "cabling," attaching strong cables to your tree to guide and keep it in place, much like braces on your child's teeth. In addition, we also undertake corrective trimming.

Tree services available:

  • Trimming

  • Pruning

  • Topping

  • Cabling

  • Removing

  • Lacing

For 24-hour

emergency service

call: 951-925-7437

Trees bring beauty and life to your property

Trees are more than just plants. They're a symbol of beauty and strength that create something special when your home is carefully decorated with them. However, if your trees are growing wild with damaged, stray, or dead branches, your trees will bring your property value down. Make your home everything it should be and more. Contact Hemet Tree Service for tree and stump services.


Do you have fruit trees? Trimming and pruning is not just decorative but will also help to produce more and more fruit each year. Trimming increases branch growth, and that gives you more fruit. Reach out to our team or you can visit us in Hemet.